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Unleash the Power of Financial News

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    Get a Different Insight

    Technical analysis crossed with data mining.

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    Machine Readable News

    Our engines read the news and social medias for you.

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    Sentiment Analytics

    Detect instantaneously buzz and sentiment from unstructured data.

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    Extended Assets and Topics Coverage

    Beyond equities, we look at FX, fixed-income, commodities ...

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    SaaS, Project or Feed

    As a SaaS or a Feed on the cloud, or through in house deployment.

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    Mobile Friendly

    Our cutting edge architecture is natively designed for mobile.

How it works

Our application reads the web and other unstructured data, it provides instantaneous insights on stocks, FX, commodities and on major financial events impacting your portfolio. It analysis sentiment and buzz for each entity.

  • Source

    We are indexing web or private content in a way similar to what Google, Bing or Yahoo do.

  • Analyse

    Our standard or bespoke sentiment algorithms read and analyse unstructured content for you.

  • Correlate

    Our sentiment data is then correlated to asset prices movement to ensure consistency.

  • Visualize

    You are then able to slice and dice through news content, to assess sentiment in a few seconds and to drill down to what is relevant for you.

Product Overview

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Flexible Pricing

From single license to company packages

News Reader

Financial News Reader


  • Extensive Sources
  • State of the Art News Reader
  • Scans Thousands of Securities
  • Buzz and Sentiment Overview


News Analytics and Sentiment Analysis

39.99 US$/m

  • 300+ Sources, Blogs and Social Medias
  • Sentiment Monitoring
  • Follow your Portfolio
  • Major Global Equities


News Analytics and Sentiment Analysis

99.99 US$/m

  • 6,000+ Sources, Blogs and Social Medias
  • Advanced Real-Time News Analytics
  • Advanced Portfolio and Correlation Analysis
  • 40,000 + Equities, FX and Commodities


For over 50 Licenses, or as Feed for your Algorithms and In-house Systems
  • Plug-in Private Sources
  • Add and Customize Views, Entity and Event Detection
  • Tailor-made Real-Time Feed and Indexes
  • Simple API, SaaS or Project